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The Economics Association of Sri Venkateswara College is a group of dynamic individuals committed to ensuring the smooth functioning of departmental operations, activities and events. Managed by the students of the economics department, under the purview of the teaching faculty, it oversees a wide range of spheres, from the conduction of academic seminars and alumni sessions to the hosting of inter-college competitions. The association also organizes the annual fest of the economics department - Blisspoint, a well-regarded event in the undergraduate circuit. It is also recognized for its exceptional organizational skills. All events by our society have received overwhelming response in terms of participation from various prestigious institutions across India and from SAARC countries like Sri Lanka, Nepal and Bangladesh.

The spirit of the annual festival ‘Blisspoint’ essentially lays in the conviction that economics is the mainstay for every country today and therefore indisputably one of the most crucial subjects in the present world order. It is thus an endeavour to promote the true spirit of the subject through a plethora of brain stimulating activities and competitions, which attract the best of students from across the nation. It serves as a platform to students by providing space for mental activity ranging from the expected to the eccentric.

Blisspoint’21 will also endeavour to promote a cause. It is the association’s responsibility to address issues of social importance and to do so we wish to use Blisspoint to spread awareness about such issues in the form of paper presentation competitions, seminar, group discussions, workshops, etc.

The Economics Association organizes its flagship event BlissMUN, annually. It aims at creating an impact in the society by linking economics to the present world scenario and highlighting the key issues that are faced by the world. It spreads awareness and helps in broadening the perspective of the young and impressionable minds. Each year, the student council, guided by the professors, works very hard to pick the best themes and then execute them to perfection. This event proves to be a huge learning oppurtunity for everyone involved and manages to amaze year after year!

Meet Our Team

(President) Amrit Kaur (Vice president) Barbie Tyagi, Swapnil Varshney, Varun Pathak (IT) (General secretary) Sanya Bahal, Shikhar Mahajan (Joint secretary) Abhivaykti Gupta, Navya Jindal, Akshi Chatutrvedi (Treasurer) Sejal Makhija (Secretary of Sponsorship) Riya Joon, Punyansh (Secretary of Editorial) Araba Kongbam, Ashmita Mehra (Secretary of Marketing) Ridhima Ahluwalia, Urvi Goswami (Secretary of Communication) Pranay Goyal, Simran (Secretary of IT) Shreyansh Garg