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Prof(Dr.) Veena Budhraja

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Professor Department of Statistics vbudhraja@svc.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

  • Ph.D(Statistics), University of Delhi
  • M.Sc(statistics), M.Phil

Areas of Specialization

  • Design of Experiments, Stochastic Processes, Real Analysis

Administrative roles/ responsibilities

  • Teacher-in-charge,
  • member( ICT, Canteen Committee, Garden Committee)

Courses Taught

  • B.Sc(Hons.) Sem. III, IV, V and VI
    1	Construction of linear Trend free Fractional Factorial Designs using Linear Codes.	International Journal of Agricultural and Statistical Science Year	2016	Vol. No.	12	Page No.	 13-19	ISSN No.	0973- 1903
    2	A Technique to construct Linear Trend free Fractional Factorial Designs using some Linear Codes	International Journal of Statistics and Mathematics	Year	2016	Vol. No.	3	Page No.	 73-81	ISSN No.	2375- 0499
    3	Control of Autonomous Industrial Fire Fighting Mobile Robot	DU Journal of Undergraduate Research and Innovation	Year	2015	Vol. No.		Page No.	124-130	ISSN No.	  2395-2334
    4	Restricted Randomized Two Level Fractional Factorial Designs Using Gray Codes	International Journal of Computer and Mathematical Sciences	Year	2017	Vol. No.		Page No.	 9-15	ISSN No.	2347-8527
    5	On the construction of Trend Free Run Order of the Two-Level Factorial Design Using BIBD American Journal of Theoretical and Applied Statistics	Year	2020	Vol. No.	9(6)	Page No.	263-266	ISSN No.	2326-8999
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