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Dr. Tanuja Sriwastava

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Assistant Professor Department of Statistics tanujastat24@gmail.com

Educational Qualifications

  • D. Phil (Statistics)

Areas of Specialization

  • Distribution Theory, Order Statistics, Econometrics

Administrative roles/ responsibilities

Courses Taught

  • STAT-C-102: Calculus, STAT-GE-4: Applied Statistics
    •	Lalitha, S. & Sriwastava, T. (2017): “Detection of a pair of upper outlier in a sample from a Johnson SB Distribution with known parameters”. In Proc. Third International conference on Statistics for twenty- first century.
    •	Sriwastava, T. (2018): “An upper outlier detection procedure in a sample from a Johnson SB distribution with known parameters”. International Journal of Statistics and Applied Mathematics, 3, 2.
    •	Sriwastava, T. & Mishra, S. (2018): “Effect of presence of outliers in the estimate of the parameters of a Johnson SB distribution”. International Journal of Scientific Research in Mathematical and Statistical Sciences, vol 5, 6.
    •	Mishra, S., Shruti & Sriwastava, T.(2019): “An Application of Spatial Autoregressive Model to the Study of Some Socio and Demographic Indicators of India using Generalized Bayes Procedure: A Comparative Study”. International Journal for Research in Engineering Application and Management, Vol. 5, Issue 2, pp. 426-435.
    •	Srivastava, T., Shruti & Mishra, S. (2020): “Approximate Estimation of the Parameters of Johnson SB Distribution”. International Journal of Advanced Science and Technology, vol 5, 6.
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