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Associate Professor Department of Electronics jlalita@svc.ac.in

Educational Qualifications

  • PhD / MPhil
  • M.Sc. (Electronics)

Areas of Specialization

  • Solid State Electronics

Administrative roles/ responsibilities

    •	ICT Member
    •	IQAC Member
    •	Online Help-Desk Convenor for Admissions
    •	Teacher-in-Charge
    •	Time-Table Convenor
    •	Nodal Officer for Online Courses Organisation / SVCollege

Courses Taught

  • BSc(Hons) / Electronics, B.Tech / Electronics, BA(Hons) / Economics, BSc(Hons) / Statistics, BSc(Hons) / Mathematics, BA(Hons) / English, BSc(Hons) / BioChemistry, BSc(Hons) / BioSciences
    1.	‘Air Pollution Mitigation using Artificial Intelligence: A review’
    	Lalita Josyula , Shounak Chakraborty, Akanshu Mahajan, Varun Bharti, Pradeep Chapter in NAM S&T Centre Publication / Book on ‘Air Pollution and Public Health: Challenges, Interventions and Sustainable Solutions’ (2020)
    2.	Construction of a 3D Map of Indoor Environment 
    	A Mahajan, V Bharti, HP Singh, Lalita Josyula, P Kumar Procedia Computer Science 125, 124-131, (2018) 
    3.	MIMO Based Multi Band Antenna for Wireless Communication in C-Band, XBand, K-Band and Ku Band
    	K Srivastava, A Kumar, B Kanaujia, S Dwari, AK Verma, M Yadav, Lalita Josyula, Srinivas Chamarthi International Conference on Wireless and Satellite Systems, Cardiff, UK 28-36, (2016)
    4.	Compact Multi Band Antenna Using Multi Layer Design
    	Kunal Srivastava & Lalita Josyula Presented @ Second National Conference on Recent Developments in Electronics (NCRDE-  2017)
  • Award
    Best B.Tech Projects awards for : 
    1.	Design and Development of Manually and Autonomously Controlled Mobile Manipulator 
    	Akanshu Mahajan , Varun Bharti, Pradeep, Kunal Srivastava, Lalita Josyula @ Second National Conference on Recent Developments in Electronics (NCRDE-2017)
    2.	Stair Climbing Robot with Fire Fighting Mechanism
    	Shounak Chakraborty, Aarti, Shweta Srikkanth, Shashank Sharma, Rakhi Narang, Kunal Srivastava, Lalita Josyula @ Second National Conference on Recent Developments in Electronics (NCRDE-2017)
  • Research Projects
    •	Artificially Intelligent Robotic Systems / Star Innovation Project (2) , Sponsored by CIC-Delhi University (Completed / 2016- 2019)
    •	DEVELOPMENT AND TESTING OF A NEURAL NETWORK BASED OBJECT SORTING ROBOTIC ARM  / Innovation Project SVC-308 , Sponsored by CIC-Delhi University (Completed / 2016)