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Ms. Priyanka

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Assistant Professor Department of Commerce priyanka29690@gmail.com

Educational Qualifications

  • M.Com

Areas of Specialization

  • Income tax and business law

Administrative roles/ responsibilities

    •	Convener,( Quiz Committee), 
    •	Member (Library Committee)
    •	Member(MAC Committee), 
    •	Member (Mentorship & feedback)

Courses Taught

  • B.com(H) and B.Com
    •	Paper published titled “Effective Business Communication An Important key to success”. International Recognition Multidisciplinary Research Journal. ISSN: 2230-7840 (December 2015)
    •	Paper published titled “GAAP versus IFRS :AN IMPACT ON FINANCIAL STATEMENT. International Recognition Multidisciplinary Research Journal.ISSN: 2249-894X  ,Impact factor -3.1402(UIF),(February 2016) 
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